Erik Railton

My name is Erik Railton,  I’m 43 years old, and I’ve been painting for 18 years.  I was raised in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  I now live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two sons.

 While growing up on the Oregon coast I found myself spending time outside in nature.  I love the color, texture and shapes of plants and other objects that I saw outdoors.  I enjoy using abstract and realistic values in my paintings so that the viewer contemplates where the painting exists in the real world. The colors I choose often are simple but bold and graphic.  

I have shown in gallery's in Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.



Solo Exhibitions


2019 Solo show @ Ristretto

2018 Solo show @ click, design that fits Seattle, Wa

2017 Solo show @ Fresh pot Mississippi ave.

2016 Sunset @ Fresh pot Downtown Portland, OR

2014 Everything Is Going To Be Okay, @ Albina Press

2011 Together Gallery Mini Gallery show

2009 Devotion @ Local 35

2007 Linear @ Stumptown Division

2006 Sundown, Local 35

2005 Seven Times Three, Okok Gallery

1999 Sleep, Dream, Divide, Pokerface

1999 Transparent, Hush Gallery

1998 Color, Zatoni Gallery


Group Exhibitions


2013 Bakers Dozen, Grass Hut

2012 Reading Frenzy Benefit

2008 Family Quilt, Together Gallery

2008 Better Becoming, Olio United

2007 Wurstminster Dog Show, Wurst Gallery

2007 Move 15 Drawing Show, Cinders Gallery

2006 Seneca, Local 35

2006 Near And Far, Yes

2006 Calling All Cars, Pharmacy

2005 Vans On The Wall, Local 35

2000 Empire, Alberta Arts Gallery




2016 "In the Studio" with Alisa Burke

2009 please sir

2007 Apt therapy

2005 Cool Hunting

2004 Vans “On The Wall” book

2000 Willamette week

1999 Willamette week